Join Canada's largest doctor-owned eyecare provider We started in 2005 as a small group of independent like-minded optometrists. Our values have helped us grow into Canada’s largest eye care provider with over 300 clinics coast-to-coast. Through it all, we've kept our patients first.

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Doctor owned, doctor led Our mission in 2005 was to lead optometry in Canada. We maintain the same commitment today as we surpass six hundred doctors, with more than half owning shares in all locations and operation lines. 

As an Optometrist with us, you join an established practice, pursue a leadership role, become a shareholder, and participate in the Advisory Committee.
Culture of collaboration

An extensive collection of over 600 doctors throughout the country, brought together by their purpose for transforming optometry and enhancing patients' lives. 

By collaborating and consulting one another on best practices you'll enjoy a career supported by our Advisory Committee, a doctor driven group responsible for making decsions on all clinical decisions. 
Autonomy to practice
Being dedicated solely on practice, you'll be supported by professional business services in areas of people, technology, marketing, finance and purchasing, 

By reinvesting in coaching and development, you'll feel well supported to provide patients with the most comprehensive eye care and clinical specialties.
Driven by innovation
Driven to keep Canada on the leading edge of optometry, a career with us offers you the opportunity to practice in modern clinics and with the latest clinical technolgy.

We lead, not fear changes. The most technologically advanced ophthalmic laboratory in Canada ensures your patients receive the best-in-class Canadian-made internal freeform lenses.  

Hear from our Doctors

Join 600 other doctors practicing in rural, urban and city locations across the country. Collaborating and supporting each other through innovation offers a rewarding career of being with a doctor-owned organization.
The exam room is mine "I was drawn to FYi by the group of doctors in the practice I was joining. The lead optometrists in our practice, with the aid of our regional coaching and head office, handle the HR/administrative duties in the clinic leaving the exam room to myself.  This is why I became an optometrist and one of the main reasons I joined FYi." Dr Jake Kelly Optometrist - Regina, SK
Treated like family
"FYidoctors came to our school and mentioned they were doctor-owned, doctor-led, and their main mission was to put patient care first. That resonated with me.

They took the time to listen to what I wanted which was to go to a rural location, practice full-scope optometry, see a wide variety of ocular diseases, be well-positioned to take over a leadership role, and have the ability to quickly pay off my student loans. I was paired with the clinic in Peace River, Alberta and was able to reach all of my goals within 2 years as a Lead OD.

I have been treated like nothing short of family ever since I joined. It was the best decision I could have made."
Dr Benjamin Wild Lead Optometrist - Peace River, AB
An incredible team of Doctors
"I was lucky enough to join a practice as I came out of school in 2015 that had an incredible doctor who was willing to act as a mentor. There's a certain sense of safety you receive when you know you can call on someone the second you run into an issue, and realize that same issue has been successfully navigated many times in the past. 

The biggest benefit of FYi, and the reason I am most grateful to be a part of the organization, is the incredible team of doctors that span the country, and this is the soul of the organization that allows us to thrive and provide the best experience to patients possible."
Dr Rajan Mistry Optometrist - Edmonton, AB
Advisory Committee Member
I get to focus on seeing patients
"I am very happy that I decided to join FYidoctors ten years ago. I feel like I joined a big supportive team, full of fun people. I get to focus on seeing my patients, the part I love, while FYidoctors helps with all the background work. I also have 450 colleagues I can access for optometry related questions.

​​​​​​​I like the values FYidoctors stands for and the vision it has for the future. With optometry in Canada continually changing, I am glad that I have FYidoctors to help navigate a path through these periods of change."
Dr Kristen Fink Optometrist - Regina, SK
More than a group of clinics
"I love being part of Fyidoctors. We're more than just a group of clinics, we're a team working together, pooling ideas and resources to give our patients the best possible eye care experience"
Dr Lindsey Goetz Lead Optometrist - Edmonton, AB
Advisory Committee Member

Committed to the future of Optometry

Our partnership with the University of Waterloo and Universite de Montreal provides the opportunity 
to support our schools and our profession at the grassroots.